Calling all flappers, unicorns, angels and sexy kittens for a devilish good time. On October 26th, Art Party  X 4AHERO showcases art, theatrics, live music delicious dishes and libations. The only limitation is your imagination.

The location, well, it’s secret and shifts every year. To get your VIP invitation, you can join the club…for free. Once you buy a ticket (21+ only), you can register your Art Party Ticket here to get the coordinates to the 2019 boo-tiful bash.

Attire? Go wild. You can come as you are, as you were or as you want to be. Wear a tie or fly your freak flag high, everyone is welcome to this hip pop-up party attracting thousands of pretty people.

Not only is the party a blast, it’s for a good cause. Jef Bond's Annual Art Party has teamed up with AHERO (America’s Heroes Enjoying Recreation Outdoors).  Together, raising awareness and preventing Veteran suicide.

Art Party Club membership has its benefits beyond access to this popular party. Join for free and you will enjoy local partner discounts and the chance to win VIP tickets for more cool events. Some of the partner discounts are for The Wine Bar, Seedless Green, East Hill Massage & Aesthetics, Gulf Coast Brewery, Spice & Spirit, Axe Warriors, DigiPro Media, Wacked Out Weiner, Dolce & Gelato, Canna Living With Crystal and more.

What Is Art Party?

Once you join the club, you can get buy your Art Party XIII ticket for only $100 in advance. That includes 1 drink and 1 meal ticket/person plus a t-shirt.  Then register here to get the secret coordinates for the party location. There are VIP tickets for $240 that include a VIP entrance, VIP plush seating area, gourmet buffet, 1 drink ticket plus beer (till it's gone)and limited edition t-shirt.  You can also buy raffle tickets for three 50/50 drawings during Art Party. 

This annual event is the most creative place on the emerald coast, showcasing enigmatic and avant garde artists and ateliers such as Crystal Davis, 2odd Studio, Catherine Nichols, Ashley Karno, Dagny Taggert, Crazy Dazee, Metal Ink Studios, Payton Hatfield, D. M. Kirwin, Staples, Eyesore Illustration, Srry, Staci Mirron, AP Logo by Dubd, Liz Warner, Jacob DeMize, James Amerson, Get Omarized, M. Ligons Art, Marie Gossom, Elmo, Lee Kelley, Jef Bond (the event mastermind), Geek Vision Productions, Kattine, Jennifer Morgan, Ruthless Ray, Darcy Robinson and others whose works transform the secret location into a portable museum. Learn more about these multimedia artists or sign up to become part of Art Party.

Hosted in a huge warehouse, the art goes beyond what's hanging on the walls. Many attendees dress as art and the event is an homage to the bygone Rave days. Compete in your dress to impress as Living Art and you may win a custom collectors Art Party Trophy.

Says promoter and artist Jef Bond, who created the event in 2005 about Art Party X 4HERO 2019: "Last year, we had 1,872 people from all walks of life come to the party.  It’s not a conventional gallery show. Not even close. There aren't words to describe this amazing one of kind event.  You simply must experience it."

If you miss it, your friends will tell you that you missed the party of the year.  Adds Bond: "If you make it, you'll never miss one again. It’s a party! It’s a celebration for, about and by creatives! Therefore providing all who attend a journey through a new world unlike anything else on the Gulf Coast. Imagine a place where creative freedom has no boundaries. Art Party encourages all who attend to "dress the art" knowing your only limitation is your imagination. If dressing up isn't your thing that's okay, everyone is welcome to attend to the freak show of the year."

How Can You Attend – Buy Tickets Now 

The location is kept secret. Join the club for location hints. If you're experienced you will likely see the location hidden within Art Party merchandise seen on the website and in teases on the web pages. 

Want to Volunteer? You'll get 2 free Tickets to Art Party X 4 AHERO, free eats and drinks during the vent and a free Art Party X 4 AHERO T-Shirt

FYI Art Party X:  (850) 972-8568 or  email

For more things to do in Pensacola and Tallahassee area, register at, we've got you covered!

Cover photo courtesy of Art Party X