If we’ve learned nothing else since the pandemic, we’ve been reminded that life is fragile. Even if you have not been affected directly by COVID-19, you’ve likely wondered about healthcare decisions you would make or would want to be made for you if you were to become sick.  

With families gathering together over the holidays, it’s the perfect time to start the conversation about advance care planning.  You can get everyone involved, young and old, because accidents can happen to any of us and so Grandma doesn’t feel singled out. 

What is advance care planning? It is a conversation that leads to document preparations before you’re too ill to speak for yourself. It is a gift for you and your loved ones. You’ll be comforted knowing that your wishes will be met and those close to you will gain peace of mind.  

Five Wishes is the nation’s most used advance directive and has been called the living will with heart and soul because it doesn’t just address your medical concerns, but also discusses how comfortable you want to be, how you’d like to be treated, and what you’d like your loved ones to know.   

“For over 20 years we have worked with families and organizations to provide a service to help them be prepared,” said Five Wishes President Joanne Eason. “That’s why more than 40 million Americans have used our services through the work of our 40,000 partners.” 

Five Wishes has changed the way we talk about health care directives. It’s more than just a document. It’s a complete approach to discussing and documenting your care and comfort choices. Five Wishes focuses on what matters most – the personal, emotional, and spiritual, as well as the medical and legal. It’s available in 30 languages and is legally valid in 46 states and used in all 50.

The Five Wishes Advance Care Directive is a holiday gift that will last well beyond the season. Start the conversation today with your loved ones. It'll be the gift that will last much longer than a sweater.

For more information, visit the Five Wishes website, or call 850.681.2020.  

Photo courtesy of Five Wishes