Bookstores are the heart of every city. A cozy bookstore in your Tallahassee neighborhood with all the classics and the latest bestsellers feels like a warm hug. Whether you wish to attend a meet and greet with local authors or sip coffee and be consumed by your favorite novel, bookstores in Tallahassee won’t disappoint you. 

So if you’re a reader and want to bookmark the best bookstores in Tallahassee for this weekend, we have the list ready for you. Go and explore these bookshops in the 850 area!

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Must-Visit Bookstores in Tallahassee

Barnes & Noble: Tell us a better combination than your favorite book and a fresh cup of hot Starbucks coffee. Barnes & Noble at Monroe Street is a fascinating place for book and coffee lovers. They also host poetic and book reading events every so often. One of the best parts is that this bright bookstore has a children's section where kids can let their imaginations run wild!

Midtown Reader: Midtown Reader is an absolute Tallahassee treasure. No one can match their friendly and knowledgeable staff. They keep a vast selection of books with reviews added to the shelves. You can even write a book review yourself. Their refreshing Lucky Goat coffee and delicious cupcakes are an added treat! 

Books-A-Million: Books-A-Million is home to all the reading materials and supplies your heart desires. The bookstore welcomes you to read and enjoy one of their many wonderful lattes or frappes and a dessert while you read your favorite book. If you wish to go on a book shopping spree, expect to find all the recent book releases here!

Fat Cat Books: Fat Cat Books is probably the best bookstore concept you have ever heard. It’s a feline adoption center combined with a thrift bookstore and
an eclectic boutique. The store has super cute vibes with a cozy couch setting and wooden shelves. So if you’re a cat and book lover, come here to enjoy a cat-tastic atmosphere!

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